Monday, August 27, 2012

A Journey though Spotify Apps

Music lovers who are into music discovery must try Spotify Apps.  I will discuss some of my favorites and how they contribute to my musical journey.  The great thing about reading reviews and playlists from Spotify Apps is the instant access to the track.

The Spotify Apps provide a wealth of information regarding new releases, reviews, trending playlists, and songs on the rise.  In addition to information that comes to me from various feeds and friends, I often come across that artist that appears in a variety of places.  I feel compelled to give those bands a listen.  At other times, the review is written in a way that makes you feel like you have to give that band a try.  And finally, other times it might be enough to know that if you like one artist then you might like this one.

My recent favorite comes from ANYDECENTMUSIC?  ADM surveys over 50 sources and compiles reviewer averages to compile its' listings.  Currently Bill Fay, Purity Ring, and Plan B top the list.  You can also find what is being talked about and direct links to reviews.  When multiple sources give stellar reviews, more often than not you are onto something good.

Rolling Stone Recommends provides users with various playlists, album reviews/links, and top rated songs.  Playlists include Best New Music to Ultimate Girl Group listings.  Occasionally, an artist will compile their own playlist to share.  Direct links to album and song reviews are provided.

The Classify app is great for anyone who would like to learn more about classical music.  You can listen my era, mood, theme, instrument, or composer.  Classify also provides recommended playlists.  It's a must app for anyone interested in classical music.

Pitchfork, The Guardian, and NME also provide Spotify apps with reviews, playlists, and new music highlights.  I usually check all of these to see if there are any cross listings.

For those who like to stream lyrics there is TuneWiki, just play a song a TuneWiki will stream the lyrics for you to sing along or to share.

There are plenty of other apps to help you create a greater social experience, listen to playlists by mood, keep up to date on concerts, make Top 10 lists and more.  What is your favorite Spotify App and why?

Here is Rolling Stone magazine's New Music Playlist (scroll to bottom of the playlist for the latest additions).

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