Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Journeys

Willis Earl Beal
"Cocaine Blues" by Escort was recommended by SPIN Magazine's list of the Best Releases of 2012 so far.  This track takes me back to my 70's disco youth and the early 80's club scene.  What goes around, comes around.  Also from the SPIN recommendations comes Willis Earl Beal's  "Take Me Away." The sometimes homeless, Willis Earl Beal pleads for someone to take him away.  If you write to him, he will make you a drawing.

Sometimes I will add music to a playlist so I can listen to new sounds when I have more time.  I maintain a Spotify playlist folder of 2012 releases that I often revisit.  The two tracks from Omaha based Icky Blossoms fit this description.  The self-titled release has 3 starred tracks for me, "Deep in the Throes" and "I Am" recently added.  Vocals by Sarah Bohlin on top of some heavy bass and electronic vibes.

I also took another listen to Neil Young's Americana's record.  While an interesting project, "Oh Susannah" is the only track I want to hear again.  The arrangement is the most original on the track listing.

Band of Skulls played a local show recently at the Water Street Music Hall.  While I considered attending, I didn't end up going to the show.  However, I did enjoy the track "Sweet Sour."
Flying under my radar for I don't know how long was Matisyahu.  Born Matthew Paul Miller in West Chester, PA, Matisyahu (his Hebrew name) brings a strong blend of reggae and hip-hop.  I love the hook in "Searchin." Yes, Matisyahu, "I've been searchin for you, I've been searchin far and wide..." "Crossroads" and "Fire of Freedom" are also strong tracks.  I also learned my 17 year old son is a big fan of Matisyahu when he recently traveled to Buffalo, NY to see Matisyahu and Dirty Heads.

Sharon Van Etten's Tramp has been in my 2012 list for quite awhile.  I caught her act at Lollapalooza (the live stream) earlier this month and thought I better give her some more air time.  "Serpents" was already a starred track but I've added "Give Out" to my favorites.  Rolling Stone lists her as a must-see act.

My next concert will be Florence + the Machine in Saratoga Springs, NY.  As I am sure many people do the same, any upcoming concert puts that artist in heavy rotation.  I am still surprised by how many people I talk to have never heard of Florence + the Machine.  I also caught her Stevie Nicks inspired set on the Lollapalooza live stream and I cannot wait to see her in a few weeks.

Finally, the DJ Logic track was discovered as a result of recently meeting the legend Bernie Worrell  This deserves it's own post in the near future.  Stay tuned.

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